Bridging the finance gap with fast, transparent non-bank funding

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Quick, easy process

No financials and in some instances no credit checks required.


Wide range of options

Loans from $200k to $20M, 1 week to 1 year. Funded in as little as 48 hours.


Generous LVR

Up to 70% loan to value ratio financing.


Tailored finance options

Access top-tier non-bank lenders for flexible finance options that won’t tie you down.

How can Wefund help?

If you’re a property developer or business owner seeking a short-term loan, Wefund can help. We support clients who need financing at competitive rates when timing is critical, for example, to cover a settlement gap or a construction shortfall. This will be increasingly relevant as credit terms and financing availability tighten as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and the expected post-coronavirus recession.

Wefund’s property development expertise and our custom proprietary finance platform give you access to fast and transparent non-bank construction finance when the banks – and even non-bank lenders – increasingly say no.

When can we provide a bridging loan?


You have a settlement gap, or working capital shortfall


Your existing lender has changed deal terms


Your existing lender failed to provide funding


The property value has fallen

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Bridging Finance Terms


Up to 80%

Loan Amount

Up to $100m

Term Length

Up to 1 year

Special Conditions

Can fund in 24 hours

Why use Wefund for your bridging loan?

We offer fast, transparent non-bank property and development finance through our pre-qualified pool of over 72 lenders.

We’ve reinvented the way property developers and business owners obtain construction finance. Our platform streamlines the lending process using the latest technology for quicker, more reliable, and secure construction funding. This process is based on a proven structure used by New Zealand’s best commercial brokers.

Wefund is more than just a technology platform, however. Our specialist team reviews and helps structure applications before they are presented to the most appropriate lenders on our platform. After reviewing all the information, lenders are then free to submit their terms to finance a deal.

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